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caught naked wearing a humbler (another hot one)

When I was 17 I watched a porno film on the internet where the mistress kept her male naked and wearing a humbler with his hands tied behind his back. I got fascinated how the male had to bend and knee in front of his mistress all the time to avoid inflicting pain upon himself.
Once I was alone in the house as my mother and my sister went shopping. I decided to make myself a humbler and somehow tied my hands behind my back, like in the porno film. I got the surprise of my life when my mum and my sister returned earlier than usual and found me naked, hands tied and balls clamped.
Mum made me calm down and she said that if I wished to be a submissive male she has no objection. She promised me that she will buy me a proper professional humbler, which she did that very same day.
I was not allowed to untie my hands and was kept naked for the rest of the day.

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